What I have learned from Lacan as a clinician

  • What knowledge it is about in psychoanalytic practice,
  • Focusing on Unconscious has consequences :
    • about time how to end a session
    • about money
    • about what we listen to
    • about how we treat all the Conscious matters such as feelings, events, thoughts
    • about how to give an analytic seminar : Example of Lacan’s seminar about love
  • Freud said there are 3 impossible works :
    • to educate
    • to manage
    • to analyse

How Lacan in his return to Freud, emphasizes on the impossibility of the analytic practice when he says : the analyst is a saint or a crook. If I knew that upfront, I wouldn’t come !

Knowledge : Analytic clinic is not at the bedside of a patient but on one’s coach.

For Lacan an analyst which speaks is an analysant.

The status of interpretation is different from explanation

Specificity of that knowledge : If we miss the point of the Unconscious, then it leads to all these different technics of therapy (Californian New Age, Rebirth, NLP, behaviourism, etc.) Has soon as we are focusing on technics, we miss the point of Unconscious, so of analysis. If we focus on intellectual approach as well, then that is why the only way to conduct an analysis is through our own Unconscious. (so an analytic supervision is required and can’t be stopped because of the accountant for example!).

The analyst is the « Subject supposed to know » but not the subject knowing. The acceptance of that not-knowing could be called the acceptance of this castration, main turning point in an analysis (moment of switch from alienation to separation).

The course of analysis is not progressing as a scholar one, but more as this spiral .